LG OEM BH16NS55 BLK BluRay Burner,16xBD-R Read/Write, 16xDVD+-R Read/Write,SATA, Silt Play, M-Disc Support

  • SKU: LG70783B
  • Manufacturer P/N: BH16NS55.AYBU10B
  • Availability: No Stock
  • SKU: LG70783B
Availability: No Stock

The Beauty of Blu-ray
World's fastest BD-R write speed of 16x. Record up to 50GB of Video, Pictures or Data on a single Blu-ray disc media, that's five times the capacity of standard DVDs. S-ATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is an advanced interface, replacing the parallel ATA for an enhanced computing platform. Automatically controls read speed to reduce noise during media playback.

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