Top Tips for Secure IIoT Deployments

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For all its benefits, including increased safety and cost-savings, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) shares the same pitfalls that have plagued the Internet of Things for so long. These devices are produced and purchased on the basis of cost – rather than cyber security – and offer compelling new vectors of attack for cyber criminals. Here are some quick tips for harnessing the benefits of IIoT – without suffering the security consequences:

  • Add WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) to you Wi-Fi. WIPS-enabled access points extend security to your facilities’ wireless IIoT devices.
  • Segment your IIoT networks. Partitioning your network into segments (IIoT, Guest Wi-Fi, Corporate, etc.) helps to isolate IIoT devices from mainstream equipment, and can easily be accomplished with a UTM firewall like WatchGuard’s rackmount and tabletop Firebox models.

The appeal of IIoT in Industry 4.0 is undeniable – as is the risk. Bluechip Infotech can work with your organization to implement IIoT technology safely. Contact us at watchguard@bluechipit.com.au to learn more.


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