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Established in 2000, Bluechip Infotech focuses on delivering the latest IT products to a wide channel base while maintaining a dedicated commitment to first class service. With Australian offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide were able to back our commitment to service through localized support.

The key to Bluechip’s success is in our strategic implementation of the latest technology, broad access to IT channels and markets driven, highly motivated sales team. Thus, by guaranteeing full comprehensive understanding of products and target markets, we’re able to provide cost-effective solutions to our partners.

Bluechip Infotech has a long and successful history dealing with the SMB and Education through our channel partners. Our value is that we bring the Channel and Vendors together to provide solutions through cooperation. For consolidation and improvement, Bluechip Infotech is continuously evolving whilst maintaining hard work in the traditional distribution market. We’re always looking to develop into new markets and partnerships with customers and vendors, locally and overseas to help growth and diversification.

Why Partner with Bluechip ?


Although our business is about providing IT services to customers, our most valuable asset is our staff. People are centric to our business, by understanding our customers’ needs, we can find suitable solutions for them.


The partnership is the key success-element of our business. Many of our channel partners and IT consultants depend on us to provide them with the latest IT products, staff training, and marketing to their customers. We work closely with our vendors to deliver their products and services to our broad channel of partners.


For the past 20 years, our passion for IT technology has kept us in the business. Starting out by supplying PC components and peripherals to IT channels, we’ve evolved over the years, along with our channel partners who share the same passion with us. From components to systems and from storage to networking, we’re now working on providing virtualization solutions to our channel partners.

Our Aim
  • To exceed customer expectations as a truly national distributor of strategic product solutions and services
  • To build long-term customer and supplier business relationships
  • To provide value for money Hardware / Software / Solutions
  • To make it easy for resellers and vendors to do business

Acer Distributor of the Year 2010 & 2014

HP PPS Partner Success Award 1H13 2013
HP PPS Highest Growth PC 1H12 2012

SOPHOS Distributor of the Year Award 2020
SOPHOS Distributor of the Year Award 2019
SOPHOS Distributor of the Year Award 2017

ManageEngine Distribution Award 2019

CyberPower Distributor of the Year 2020
CyberPower Distributor of the Year 2019
CyberPower Distributor of the Year 2018

D-Link:Distributor of the Year 2000

EATON Distributor of the Year 2020
EATON 20 Years Partner 2020
EATON Distributor of the Year 2018
EATON Distributor Achievement Award 2015

QNAP’s The Best Marketing Development of 2015

ATEN Best Performance Award 2017

LG No.1 Digital Storage Sales 2009
LG No.1 Projector Sales 2009

Apacer Best Partner 2006

Seagate Partner Program 2020
Seagate Eco System Partner of the Year 2017
Seagate Partner Program 2012

LEC Members voted BBF Components and
Peripherals 2nd place as Supplier 2002

BenQ Long Standing Partnership 2012
BenQ Projector Platinum Partner 2011

WatchGuard Distributor of the Year 2020


Our Core Values

Our Team

Johnson Hsiung

Managing Director

Ron Jarvis

Sales Director

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