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If you’re looking for business, premium, workstations, Chromebooks, and commercial notebooks or whether you’re looking for virtual desktops, towers, small form factor, NUC, or thin clients.  Need to complete a large order for a customer, learn why Bluechip IT is Australia’s premier commercial desktop, laptop, and computer peripheral distributor and how we can assist your company.

Providing RAM Solutions for Faster Computing

Faster Computing

The cloud enables individualised, digital experiences in a variety of ways, including shopping, bingeing and surfing. With this, Bluechip IT partnered with vendor, Micron to deliver memory and storage advancements that enable these complicated AI algorithms to function for your organization.

Solutions for Mass Data Storage

The majority of organisations and data centers lack massive storage capacity required in today’s digital economy.

That is why Bluechip IT works with selected partner vendors such as Seagate, to enable enterprises to achieve hyperscale cost and architectural savings via software, silicon, system, and device advances. Accelerate the adoption of these cutting-edge technologies as soon as they become available to provide your firm with a competitive advantage.

Solutions for Mass Data Storage
At the Frontiers of Data Technology Innovation

At the Frontiers of Data Technology Innovation

Nowadays, data can easily be stored and secured. As technology progresses, more and more data needs to be stored fast for immediate processing.

Bluechip IT understands that the faster data can be securely stored, the more efficient businesses would be. Bluechip IT is proud to partner with another trusted vendor, Western Digital, to give game-changing innovations and recent advancements when it comes to data storage.

It’s All About Computer Innovation

Computers played a very important role in the 21st century. Even some of  the smallest businesses require a computer in its operation. Computers became a necessity compared to decades ago.

When it comes to computers of all sizes, Bluechip IT is at the forefront in providing the best services and solutions for computing needs. This is why Bluechip IT partnered with one of the best computer manufacturers Acer, to give cutting-edge technology and reliability whatever the purpose may be.

It’s All About Computer Innovation
Delivering Stunning Computer Displays

Delivering Stunning Computer Displays

Gone are the days for low resolution screens and displays.

Bluechip IT offers solutions for better displays, with a higher refresh rate and ultra-high definition resolutions. Bluechip IT is a proud partner of trusted vendors such as LG, to provide your organisation the best computer monitors and displays.

Hybrid Workspace Flexibility

The AV system has now become a very integral part of communication. Monitoring, recording, total control, and intuitive design are critical for a completely integrated system.

Bluechip IT’s commitment is to bring the best AV system to its partnership with another trusted vendor, ATEN, in delivering a fully integrated AV system.

Hybrid Workspace Flexibility
Laptop and Tablet Accessories

Laptop and Tablet Accessories

Bluechip IT thinks that your workers should be able to connect and interact easily, allowing them to perform at their best regardless of the location or time zone in which they choose to work.

Whether your workers are in the office or on the road, Bluechip IT together with partner Targus will assist and assure their freedom to work anywhere by providing the necessary solutions to keep them safe, connected, and productive.

Reliable Innovator of Digital Data Storage

Bluechip IT is committed to creating and delivering a portfolio of high-performance, dependable, and trustworthy digital storage solutions that secure your most important data.

Together with our trusted partner vendor, Apacer, Bluechip IT guarantees the use of premium die components in order to give the most cost-effective digital storage solution.

Reliable Innovator of Digital Data Storage
Memory Solutions Expert

Memory Solutions Expert

We have seen firsthand how rapidly data is altering our world. With this, Bluechip IT partnered with vendor, Lexar, for memory solutions that provide the performance and dependability you need to maximise the performance of your digital device.

Graphics for Professional Visual Computing Solutions

At the heart of great visuals are high performance graphics. Animation, designs, video editing for big productions and hardcore gaming are some reasons why high performance graphics has gained a big demand on the market.

Bluechip IT offers a solution to this market demand with its partnership with vendor, Leadtek.

Graphics for Professional Visual Computing Solutions

Why Bluechip IT for Solutions in
Computers, Servers & Hardware?

Why Acer?

Acer evolves with the industry and changing lifestyles, it is focused on enabling a world where hardware, software and services will fuse with one another, creating ecosystems and opening up new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike

Why Micron?

• Throughout the product’s lifespan and around the globe, provides full customer cooperation, support, and quality.
• Leader in innovative memory solutions on a global scale
• 17 worldwide locations and 13 manufacturing sites

Why Seagate?

• Almost 45 percent quicker than prior generations
• Consistently good performance and reliability when used in conjunction with RV mitigation
• Additional piece of mind is provided by a two-year data recovery service and a five-year limited guarantee.

Why Western Digital?

• Western Digital has a long history of pioneering game-changing technologies.
• Western Digital Wins CIO 100 Awards
• Western Digital Recognized as an IoT Innovator

Why LG?

• Always at the forefront of digital display solutions
• Aim to provide commercial electronic devices that assist companies with operating more efficiently
• provide a comprehensive product line that includes information displays, digital signs for advertising, VRF systems, and custom solutions for various vertical sectors.


• Optimized business operations processes and increased core efficiency
• Dynamic Collaboration
• Simple Configuration
• Intelligent Control

Why Targus?

• Targus has been the world’s best-selling brand of laptop carrying cases and mobile accessories for over 30 years.
• Great universal docking stations
• Excellent activity-based working solutions

Why Apacer?

• Winner of 29th Taiwan Excellence Awards
• Winner of TCSA- Corporate Sustainability Report- Golden Award
• Apacer was named the winner of the Corporate Governance Evaluation Award – Top 5% of TWSE-listed businesses.

Why Lexar?

• 20 years of innovative development in flash memory field.
• Presence in different markets globally

Why Leadtek?

• Ranked higher in Computer Peripheral and Components Category last year according to Taiwan 2000.
• From research and development through manufacturing, distribution, service, and support, quality control adheres to ISO standards to the letter.

Delivering You Innovative Solutions

Bluechip IT’s partnership gives you access to leading technology brands coupled with supported services to help you execute your projects on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Acer SuperCare Extended Warranty program is a guarantee extension program that allows owners of Acer goods to extend their unit’s warranty to three years. The SuperCare extends the warranty on both components and services (excluding the battery).

Verilog models for DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 modules may be constructed by combining a Micron-provided wrapper with the Verilog model for the DRAM components utilized on the module in question. The ddr dimm.v, ddr2 module.v, or ddr3 dimm.v customizable DIMM model files are available in the DRAM Verilog file download for DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 components. The readme.txt file included in file contains configuration instructions for the DIMM model.

CAS latency=2 indicates that data access occurs one cycle quicker than it does with CAS 3. As a result, CAS 2 is preferable.

We recommend the following products:

Industrial USB – UH110-UFD1
Industrial card – CM710-CF
SSD – M.2 SM220-M242
Industrial flash disk – Module UDM2A LP 90D (Type E)

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