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As security threats become more sophisticated so do the range of vendors BlueChip IT represent. Our local security professionals can assist develop, create, and maintain appealing solutions for your clients from the edge to the core, and hence endpoint to cloud.

Providing Top-Notch Cloud Security Solutions

Bluechip IT brings you one of the best cloud management in the industry. Through the partnership with trusted vendors, Bluechip IT can deliver solutions to protect cloud workloads, data, applications, and user access against sophisticated threats and vulnerabilities. This integrates posture and compliance management, firewall protection, and cloud workload protection with MTR to let enterprises move quickly while being safe in the cloud.

Network Security Solutions

Want the best network security solutions? Bluechip IT gives you solutions for remote work security, network automation, and provides you with a trusted wireless environment using a trusted vendor. Have peace of mind when you get products for:

Cloud and Virtual Firewalls

Security Service

Application Firewall

Firewall Appliances


Reporting and Visibility

Cybersecurity Solutions & Products

Cybersecurity has been a concern for everyone especially managed IT services. That is why Bluechip IT hand pick all our security solutions, which has been acknowledged as a leader in cybersecurity by independent testing bodies and industry research companies on a regular basis.

Let Bluechip IT bring you the industry’s trusted expert for eradicating threats, protecting privacy and data, and enabling cyber resilience.

Security for Online Threats on the Web

Bluechip IT can help by providing solutions for protection against ransomware, phishing, viruses, identity theft, and other digital dangers. Because of this Bluechip IT has formed partnerships with one of the best solution vendors, we provide the best solution against increasing online threats.

Data Security Solutions

In need of secure identification, payment, and data protection solutions? Bluechip IT offers solutions that allows trusted access necessary to ensure the secure movement of trade, individuals, and data.

With its partnership with security vendors, such as Entrust, such solutions allow safe transactions and payment products necessary for global commerce to function. Also, it ensures the security of organisations, consumers, governments, and citizens’ data, both in transit and at rest, via the use of trusted identities, applied cryptography, public key infrastructure, and sophisticated technology.

Security Information & Event Management Solutions

Do you want to protect your business with data, analytics, automation and end-to-end integrations? Bluechip IT provides solutions for this particular need by partnering with security experts such as Splunk.

Let Bluechip IT centralise your security data and analysis by integrating data from any source in real time, and orchestrate a full response via holistic security event management.

Monitoring User Experience & Endpoint Security Analytics

Bluechip IT assists IT professionals in comprehending end users without breaching their privacy. Using solutions from vendors like uberAgent, a monitoring tool can be utilised that becomes a critical component of every aspect of the information technology lifecycle, from analysis through design, implementation, operation, and troubleshooting.

Security against Ransomware & Secure DevOps

This is one aspect of security that needs attention. That is why Bluechip IT provided a solution such as CyberArk’s Secure DevOps tools, apps, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines by removing hard-coded secrets.

Data Center & Application Protection

The availability of services is critical to the digital experience. Downtime results in lost money, tarnished reputations, and dissatisfied consumers. Security in data centers has never been more crucial.

That is why Bluechip IT assists in ensuring service availability by deploying tools such as Radware’s industry-leading DDoS protection systems, that uses behavioral-based technology to combat the biggest, most complicated DDoS assaults.

Application & Threat Intelligence Solutions

With new security risks emerging on a weekly basis, keeping on top of today’s threat environment requires ongoing monitoring and in-depth study.

With this, Bluechip IT’s partnership with one of the most trusted vendors such as Keysight Technologies, will take advantage of modern surveillance tools and methodology to find, capture, and offer continual updates to your ATI.

File Transfer Security

Bluechip IT enables you to ensure the dependability of critical business operations and to securely and compliantly transmit sensitive data between partners, customers, and systems using tools from vendors such as Progress.

Mobile Security Solutions

Because data is mobile, security should also be. Bluechip IT offers one of the best mobile security solutions in the industry. With mobile security vendors such as Zimperium, mobile intrusion wouldn’t be a problem.

This will provide an advanced mobile threat defense solution for enterprises, providing persistent, on-device protection to both corporate-owned and BYOD devices.

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