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Extreme Networks, Cambium, DLink, Kemp, Ixia, Siemens, Keysight, PulseOptics, PacketLight, IP COM, Tenda, and other notable networking companies that have partnered with BlueChip IT. Discover how Bluechip IT as a networking distributor can help you fulfill your needs as an MSP or IT reseller.

Whether you’re searching for a Wi-Fi solution, a network setup, or networking equipment to connect a solution, let us help bring that solution to life.

Australia’s Premium Networking & Wi-Fi Solutions Distributor

Bluechip IT have a solution for all your networking needs. We know everything about networking and can provide your business with solutions ranging from Wi-Fi devices, Routers, Network Setup, Storage Devices, and more.

By contacting Bluechip IT, we can discuss how we deliver networking solutions for every aspect of your business. Our solutions will cover your computer network, hardware, and software setup with detail to optimisation of its performance. Our successful networking solution will ensure that your business can share resources effectively and promote professional business success.

Wireless Solutions

Using our partnered vendors Extreme Networks & Cambium, we provide wireless technology with unparalleled network performance. Wi-Fi 6 Access point technology covers large area network and public Wi-Fi hotspot applications. Our solutions are affordable with the best tools and equipment for our IT resellers to manage their Wi-Fi system distribution to their clients.

Network & Cloud Performance 

With solutions in network monitoring and visibility, cloud application performance, and end-user experience monitoring from partner vendors such as Kemp, Ixia, Siemens, Keysight, and more.

Networking Hardware

With a range of devices with our partner vendors, DLink, IP-COM, and more,  Bluechip IT provides the latest technology in networking hardware such as adaptors, routers, switches, USB Hubs, range extenders, and modems.

Network Technology

Bluechip IT provides solutions like DWDM & OTN equipment to maximise your fibre optic networks and fibre optic products for use in data and telecommunications networks from our partnered vendors such as PacketLight, PulseOptics, and more.

Network Security

Secure your network and protect users and applications with software and hardware products from leading security vendor partners such as Keysight, Siemens, Ixia, and more.

Your #1 Choice of Australia’s Leading Networking & Wi-Fi Distributor

Having partnered with industry leaders in networking solutions providers, Bluechip IT is your #1 Australian distributor when it comes to networking & Wi-Fi solutions. Our extensive range of networking & Wi-Fi solutions and accessories cover all aspects of your business and provide excellent networking capabilities.

We cater to our customers vast needs for efficient business setup and management. You will have the leverage to our in-house product managers and their expert advice and solutions.

Call us to have a discussion with our networking experts regarding our innovative products and opportunities for your business.

Why Bluechip IT for Solutions in
Networking & WiFi?

Why Bluechip?
• In-house expertise − Sales & Technical.
• Can assist with site surveys, heat maps, demo gear to help you win the projects.

Why Cambium & Xirrus?
• Free cloud hosted AP management − CnMaestro. – Cloud Management and guest login portals are second to none.
• Full range of indoor/Outdoor/PTP/PMP Access Points.
• Free Training resources. – Ability to block, rate limit or give QOS to over 1400 applications at the edge of the network. – Software programmable radios and High Density APs.

Why Bluechip?
• Inhouse pre-sales expertise to assist in scoping & design.
• Removed complexities of deal registrations & pricing approvals.
• Local stock. Same day quote to sale cycle.

Why Extreme Networks?
• Garter Magic Quadrant leader in Networking.
• Next gen cloud driven networks.
• Visibility and Analytics that o er intelligent insights using ML and AI.

Why Kemp?

Kemp’s load balancing, network performance monitoring, and network detection and response solutions guarantee that applications are always available and that network problems are remedied before they become a problem.

Why Siemens?

• Protect what matters most – with comprehensive strategy and industry-leading technical knowledge.
• Integrated “no-programming” diagnostic tools enables to visually communicate to know what has occurred with your system.

Why Keysight?

Keysight achieves client satisfaction and loyalty by offering the highest-quality goods and services at the best value. Keysight incorporates quality management ideas and processes into important business and decision-making procedures.

Why PulseOptics?

Develops, produces, and distributes fiber-optic equipment for use in data and telecommunications networks, including Data Center, Metro Core, Access, Enterprise, CATV, and 4G-Telephony.

Why PacketLight?

PacketLight products include muxponders, transponders, ROADMs, optical amplifiers, and fibre diagnostic tools. They are intended to meet the unique network requirements of each client and offer optional incorporated Layer-1 encryption for safe data transmission.


• Our intelligence solutions are used by Fortune 1000 companies, governments, and research universities worldwide to increase efficiency, reduce outsourcing costs, and improve their innovation processes.
• IP intelligence software that enables engineers and IP professionals to make educated IP choices by providing competitive insights and strong data analytics.

Why Tenda?

• Excellent customer service team
• Wide range of distribution channels
• Has a world market

Why TP-Link?

• Global leader in Wi-Fi devices, now offers surveillance technology with VIGI cameras and NVRs.
• Advanced security features are both reliable and affordable.
• One-stop-shop for enterprise security, including remote management capabilities.

Delivering You Innovative Solutions

Bluechip IT’s partnership gives you access to leading technology brands coupled with supported services to help you execute your projects on hand.

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Our inhouse specialist support team can offer support for all your networking needs and product information.

Bluechip IT are a leading networking distributor in Australia with leading brand partners that consult and deliver.

We have a range of products and solutions available easily online. Visit our website or call our team for more information.

A PtMp is a point-to multipoint Broadband wireless network. Bluchip IT’s solutions in PtMp provide more reliable, high capacity and cost effective deployment of these networks across a wide range of scenarios.

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