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As a leading distributor in data management tools and solutions you can trust Bluechip IT’s expert product management team to deliver tailored data management solutions.  In collaboration with industry-leading software vendors such as Splunk, Gemini and uberAgent our IT resellers are guaranteed effective data management solutions to protect important data and information with the right tools and software.

Sustainable Data Management Solutions

Data Security

Look for automated security investigations and incident response with advanced analytical software that explore detect and report on threats to security. Bluechip IT provides solutions and products from their leading partnered vendor, Splunk where it’s Enterprise Security gives you continuous security monitoring, advanced threat detection, and rapid threat investigation and response.

Data Analytics

Gain visibility and control over your data management with advanced analytics software and solutions from Bluechip IT.

Data Backup and Recovery

Protect your important data with the latest in data backup and recovery. Bluechip IT provides a leading solution in data backup and recovery with the most cost-effective, innovative solutions from offsite servers, independent drives, cloud backup, recovery, and more. Speak to our product managers for more information for a tailored business solution.

Data Management & Compliance

Data Management & Compliance

Compliance is an essential business activity to ensure that the business meets laws and regulations. In effect, the onus falls on proper data management by the business. Bluechip IT can provide solutions in managing your data with the right tools and software.

Creating data recovery strategies and using quality and innovative data management software is what our product managers at Bluechip IT can assist you with. Some of our tools and solutions for effective data management cover areas in:

Data Storage & Backup

Data security and privacy protocols for protection of critical data

Managing data pipelines that transfer data from one system to another

Analytics for best practices and efficient operations

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