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Bluechip IT, which moves at the speed of technology, assists our partners in establishing a technological edge, increasing profitability, and facilitating expansion. Our curated and dedicated MSP hub provides unparalleled access to our vast vendor inventory. Organisations will have access to market-leading vendor products and solutions across the full technological stack.

Intelligent Automation

Consider the possibilities with intelligent automation, unlimited scalability, and cutting-edge cybersecurity enabled.

Well, with Bluechip IT, you don’t have to imagine especially with our partnership with one of our vendors, ConnectWise.

Bluechip IT enables you to narrow the skills gap, protect clients, and expand your company via patch automation, sales, and marketing.

Intelligent Automation
Complete Network Visibility and Control

Complete Network Visibility & Control

Stop wasting time.

Bluechip IT has a solution for your organisation with trusted partner vendors such as  Auvik’s cloud-based networking administration and monitoring software that is simple to use—without the headache.

With the support of Bluechip IT, you always know what’s on your network.

MSP’s Password Management

Protecting customers’ data especially passwords are so important nowadays. It is because it acts like a key to their personal data which are considered digital treasures.

To solve this problem of password management, Bluechip IT offers password management and 2 factor-authentication solutions by partnering with one of the trusted vendors, LastPass.

MSP Password Management
analyse data

Analyse, Empower, Secure

While humans are the first line of defense, security awareness training alone will not change user behavior.

With in this in mind, Bluechip IT provides one of our trusted vendors, usecure, a one-stop-shop for developing a security-savvy workforce.

Benefits includes:

Recognise users’ susceptibility to rising cyber risks.

Enhance user resilience through customised training programs.

Recognise users’ susceptibility to rising cyber risks.

IT Documentation Software

Saving time and freeing the mind is one of the aspects where Bluechip IT wanted to assist MSPs.

Bluechip IT wants to increase your business’s growth potential by using our partner vendor, IT Glue’s finest IT documentation software,  putting your organisation at the cutting edge of document management.

IT Documentation
Quoting Selling and Procurement: Simplified

Quoting, Selling, & Procurement: Simplified

MSPs should have a readily available cloud-based sales platform. That is why Bluechip IT is bringing up another partner vendor, Datto Commerce, in utilising quoting, procurement, and eCommerce solutions, which can significantly increase productivity and profit margins.

IT Automation Solutions

MSPs should have a visibility platform that provides the data needed, when you need it, so you can focus on developing your MSP rather than looking for data.

Bluechip IT has a solution for this through the partnership with Liongard, another trusted vendor. Integrations record your systems automatically in order to bring your data together, providing unified insight that transforms you from reactive to proactive.

IT Automation Solutions

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