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Building Proactive Solutions in Business Continuity for Less Disruption and more Productivity

Bluechip IT are leading distributors for Business Continuity products such as QNAP, Synology, Carbonite, and Unitrends. Our product managers can provide you with innovative solutions that will assist with effective uninterrupted business operations.

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Good Practices Guidelines

A successful business should always have a clearly defined basic business continuity plan for uninterrupted continuous IT operations. Through a business impact analysis of your business, our specialist team at Bluechip IT will offer you essential risk management tools.

The 3 major parts of a business continuity plan should include:

Planning and Prevention

Response and Resolution

Rebuild and Recover

Bluechip IT maintains its reliable reputation with its customers. We know the effects that system downtime can have on the operation of your business. As a result, we have taken a proactive approach by offering tools and recovery strategy solutions for events such as a system crash, security breach, or the lack of a business’s data management. Your business recovery is important in order to maintain the successful continuity of its operation.

Tiered Data Protection Solutions for Business Continuity

Bluechip IT’s provides solutions for the Business Continuity range in various software and technological products. Speak to our specialist product managers regarding Bluechip IT’s solutions for business continuity. Working closely with partnered vendors QNAP, Synology, Carbonite & Unitrends, we have all the solutions you require for safeguarding your IT infrastructure.

Our Business Continuity solutions cover:

Disaster recovery, backup and restoration

Tiered data-protection for deployment and flexibility

Safeguarding your IT infrastructure with offsite replication

Real-time data protection for point-in-time file recovery and self-recovery file stations

Delivering You Innovative Solutions

Bluechip IT’s partnership gives you access to leading technology brands coupled with supported services to help you execute your projects on hand.

Leverage Expert Advice

Bluechip IT will step you through the continuity and disaster recovery plan needed for your small business.

Planning and managing this process together will ensure that your business is always ready if an uneventful incident or natural disaster occurs. Being prepared with a recovery plan and tools is important with every business continuity plan, hence why Bluechip IT lead in the industry for its understanding of the business implications and excel in its deliverance of proactive service.

What are some tools you offer?
Some important tools include server-based applications that monitor and track events on remote sites and applications such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, or cloud infrastructure that have solutions in the protection of data loss and recovery. Speak to one of our specialised product managers at Bluechip IT for suitable tools and more information as part of your planning process for business continuity.

Why Bluechip IT for Solutions in
Business Continuity?

Why Bluechip?
• Bluechip launched QNAP in Australia and has
a long history with the backup solution.
• We stock the full range of QNAP products
with stock arriving on a weekly basis.

• QNAP aims to deliver comprehensive
offerings of cutting edge network attached
storage and network video recorder solutions.
• Specialised NVR product range.
• Particularly strong in enterprise NAS.
• Local presales technical support.

Why Bluechip?
• We stock the full range of up-to-date Synology
products with stock arrives weekly.

Why Synology?
• Synology received the highest overall ranking in
a NAS systems survey by TechTarget, outscoring
HPE, NetApp, EMC, Dell, and IBM.
• Our customers include Unilever, Audi, Holiday
Inn, King’s College London and much more.
• Synology offers an intuitive web-based operating
system and support on WMware, vSphere 5 with
full AWi support and Microsoft Window Server.

Why Bluechip?

• Pre & Post-Sales Support.
• We manage renewals for you.

Why Carbonite?
• A comprehensive data backup
• Backup entire suite of MS office 365.
• A market leader in cyber resilience.
• Total endpoint protection and
disaster recovery for any sized


  • Data Center Backup and recovery
  • Saas Backup and recovery
  • Endpoint backup and recovery
  • All in one solutions for Cloud disaster, backup applicances and software, security and compliance

Delivering You Innovative Solutions

Bluechip IT’s partnership gives you access to leading technology brands coupled with supported services to help you execute your projects on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bluechip IT are a leading distributor for the latest and innovative technology. Our understanding of business applications and infrastructure gives us the edge on proactive business continuity solutions.

You can use File History to back up your Windows Libraries, Desktop, Contacts and Favorites to QNAP NAS. In Advanced setting, you can choose how often you want to save the copies and how long to keep saved versions. Follow the procedures below to use File History backup files to QNAP NAS.

  1. Click Search in Windows bar and Input Backup Settings to open Backup window
  2. Find More options in Back up using File History
  3. Click on More options
  4. Click on See advanced settings under Backup Options > Related Settings, File History Window opens
  5. Click on Select a network location
  6. Click on Add network location under Select a File History drive, Select folder window opens
  7. Input NAS_IP into address bar and press Enter, shared folder on NAS appears.
  8. Choose one of shared folders then Click on Select Folder
  9. Full network path of shared folder, Free space and Total Space appears in Available drives, Click Ok to bring back File History window
  10. File History is turn on
  11. In Advanced settings, you can choose how you want to save the copies.

Speak to our inhouse product managers who can assist with the planning and offer you solutions that best meets the requirement of your business.

The REcovery Series Gen 9 has strong data protection with self-healing resilience. This means the analytics will detect and resolve threats before they happen.

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