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When measuring or monitoring anything can result in a commercial advantage. Choose IoT partners and develop an ecosystem of capabilities with BlueChip IT to revolutionise the corporate environment by opening up new possibilities, enhancing information flow, creating a safer and more productive workforce, and making better decisions.

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In each circumstance, the Internet of Things converts data into productivity. Discover all of the IoT solutions and future applications that we can provide for your business right now.

Bluechip IT can help you learn more about the Internet of Things’ potential to help your business grow partnered with leading vendors.

Libelium being one of Bluechip IT’s IoT vendors,  specialises in vertical applications and customising IoT projects to boost industrial competitiveness, and provides entire IoT solutions.

Use BlueChip IT’s product managers, to identify a suitable solution if your firm is establishing an IoT project and guide you on the devices that best meet your goals to provide you the ultimate solution.

IoT: Solutions, Products & Services

Bluechip IT uses vendors such as Advantech, as a pioneer and industry leader in the embedded market, providing a one-stop service model for the integration of embedded boards and systems, software, displays, and peripherals, as well as customer-centric design-in services for a number of sectors. To meet the market for IoT applications, all embedded systems may be combined with a variety of wireless data collection options, WISE-PaaS management software, and sensor-to-cloud connection solutions. By partnering with Bluechip IT vendor solutions, you may save time on decision-making and get real-time service anywhere in the globe.

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IoT Solutions

Revolutionising IoT Solutions

Bluechip IT has been partnering with 2N for quite some time now to provide solutions for automation, IP access control, IP Audio, and cloud services as well. Bluechip provides solutions and products for all your needs whether it is all about solutions for the residential and commercial sectors to products such as intercoms, answering units, and elevator systems.

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Bluechip IT’s partnership gives you access to leading technology brands coupled with supported services to help you execute your projects on hand.

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