IT Management & Operations

Moving at the speed of technology is important thus why Bluechip IT, assists our partners in gaining a technological edge, increasing profitability, and growth.

Monitor, Manage, & Secure IT Infrastructure

Bluechip IT now offers comprehensive and simple solutions for even the most complex IT management challenges, from securing your organisation to maintaining high uptime and delighting your customers.

IT Management is much easier with Bluechip IT’s partnership with trusted vendors like ManageEngine.

Monitor, Manage, and Secure IT Infrastructure
Digital Decisioning and Automation

Digital Decisioning & Automation

Bluechip IT can deliver a streamlined user experience for IT and business professionals that need to make complicated digital choices outside of applications.

Partnering with one of the trusted vendors such as  Progress, compliments your current applications by automating advanced decision processes, resulting in up to a 90% reduction in development and modification cycles.

Better Infrastructure Monitoring

IT Management is a really daunting task. A lot of aspects have to be covered to keep the whole system up and running.

Bluechip IT now provides real-time infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting, in partnership with vendor, Splunk, for all settings: whether on-premises, hybrid, or multicloud.

Better Infrastructure Monitoring
An Alternative to Sysmon

An Alternative to Sysmon

Looking for an alternative to Sysmon with full support from a trusted vendor?

Bluechip IT introduces an alternative to Sysmon, by using partner vendor uberAgent’s offering of full product support and vendor support channel.

Why Bluechip IT for Solutions in
IT Management & Operations?

Why Bluechip IT?

• Factory trained pre sales staff.
• Can provide consultancy services and we have our own support
concierge service.

Why ManageEngine?

• 90+ individual solutions that can be integrated to have one pane of
glass solution.
• Award winning ServiceDesk.
• Award winning Active Directory tools.
• Extensive customer base, 3 out of 5 fortune 500 companies use a
ManageEngine product.

Why Progress?

• Has 40 years of experience in the business
• For rapid troubleshooting, network monitoring software provides total insight into everything linked to on-premises and cloud environments.
• Enterprise-grade secure file transfer and automation software that enables the movement of data between partners, clients, and systems in a dependable and safe manner.

Why Splunk?

• Use a Data Stream Processor system to handle the massive volume of incoming data and to ensure that the scenario is continually current and changing.
• Assures an agile, adaptable, and scalable data monitoring methodology

Why uberAgent?

• Most Promising Citrix Solution Provider 2021 Award by CIOReview
• Data quality and User experience monitoring
• Endpoint security analytics and is built for Splunk
• Lightweight with unlimited scalability

Delivering You Innovative Solutions

Bluechip IT’s partnership gives you access to leading technology brands coupled with supported services to help you execute your projects on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a technician is deleted, all closed Requests, Problems, and Changes are retained under their name as a historical reference.
Requests, Problems, and changes to any other status (resolved, open, etc.) other than closed will be assigned to the unassigned status. This is the design philosophy of ServiceDesk Plus.

• Any company, organisation, or government body subject to regulations
• Organisations with internal policies affecting employees, customers, or suppliers
• Businesses seeking to increase decision-making efficiency or correctness Entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on market segment possibilities
• Businesses want to minimize their exposure to regulatory penalties

Yes. This policy applies to all on-premises Splunk products:

• Splunk Enterprise
• Splunk Light
• Splunk Universal Forwarder

uberAgent displays the length of each CSE (client-side extension) operating during a login, including the one responsible for GPP-configured disk mappings. If these values are very high, there is almost certainly an issue with the target server.

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