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Create a “Single pane of glass view” within the
Digifort client for monitoring all IP connected
hardware & metadata devices.

Digifort is a software development company that produces IP surveillance products. Founded in 2002, Digifort is an award-winning software development company that specializes in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence. Digifort is represented in 140 countries through our Distributors and our platform is translated into 19 languages.

Digifort is making the next big advance in VMS technology, furthering our vision of going ‘Beyond Expectations’. Our integrated solution opens up so many new possibilities, re-affirming our commitment to becoming a global leader in VMS technology.

One-time license purchase, the software is feature-rich, and it is under constant development. No SSA’s and cost for updates. Completely scalable from installations ranging from a handful of cameras to those with more than 30,000 cameras and beyond.

Very simple to teach clients. Super end-user friendly, thanks to our clean, uncluttered and intuitive design. If you know how to use a mouse, you can use Digifort. You can train a client to be a power user in under 20 minutes.

A high degree of integration and 3rd party plugins to suit a variety of customer needs. Digifort offers the integrations you need, and it is extremely quick and easy to deploy. We are a truly open platform. Customer’s make the choice instead of choices are made for them.

AI Revolution

Our acceptance of AI in the security industry is growing at a staggering rate.

Once over-promised and under-delivered, analytics are finally reaching their potential in security applications.

Combine human and machine intelligence to solve challenges faced in our world. It adds interpretation or intelligence about the scene rather than just the raw video footage, which used to be processed manually by an operator.


Z1 Dashboard

Data presented in charts and graphs are easy to understand and analyse. Digifort converts video and analytics data into real-time business intelligence and insight.

Transform Video

            into Business Intelligence

Smart Connect

Digifort provides cutting edge, video management intelligence through unifying with third-party systems, AI and neural analytics technology.

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