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Keysight Distributor | Bluechip IT Australia Distribution

Expose and resolve hidden problems (blind spots) faster. Best-of-breed solutions for security, performance, and the cloud.

Keysight Distributor | Bluechip IT Australia Distribution

Accelerate your defenses by simulating threats, eliminate blind spots, and take control of a rapidly-changing attack surface.

Keysight Distributor | Bluechip IT Australia Distribution

Network test is for higher Ethernet speeds, higher port densities, network switches and routers, and software-defined networks.

Bluechip and Keysight – Why Partner with us?

Using Keysight Solutions you can innovate designs faster, create, optimise and monitor your network with more confidence.

  • Network Visibility – Get better network visibility with inline security and out-of-band monitoring tools
  • Network Security – Ensure high performance security by strengthening your network posture, increasing efficiency and resilience
  • Network Test – Validate the performance of your network at every level without any compromise

Bluechip Infotech is an authorised Keysight distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Partner with Keysight and Bluechip and gain not only access to award winning software that helps make your job easier but also our total commitment to exceptional customer service and our outstanding technical services.

Why Keysight?

  • Used by leading Healthcare organisations to help solve many of the core components of a Zero Trust model: device security, network security, visibility tools, and validation
  • Enable SecOps teams to continuously protect your network against a complete range of threat vectors and attacks
  • Appliances to support very high security tool availability required by banks eg. Bypass switches.
  • Helps in Asset discovery, inventory, and risk mitigation
  • Taps and aggregation devices certified to operate in harsh, ruggedised environments which is ideal in critical infrastructure

Build and Monitor Networks with Keysight Solutions

The average IT team spends more than half of their day just on problem resolution or network security issues.

Network visibility starts at the foundation of your network. It allows you to expose and resolve hidden problems (blind spots) faster. Faster resolution times mean more time to innovate the network design and the applications running on top of it.

Better network visibility delivers the highest performance data access and data distribution to your monitoring and security appliances.

Inline Security

Inline security products and solutions can inspect live traffic without risk to availability, ensure continuous security with fast failover, and update security appliances without downtime.

Out-of-Band Monitoring

Out-of-band monitoring products and solutions give tools access to all relevant network traffic, deliver data with speed and accuracy, and make changes easily, as often as you need.

Service Providers need clear visibility into their networks. Questions like these arise daily:

  • Where are traffic bottlenecks?
  • Why are applications running slow?
  • Do I have a security problem?

These are serious questions that need quick and complete answers. See how the deployment of a visibility architecture can eliminate network blind spots to give you the answers you need. The Network Visibility solution that helps is Service Providers

The new business environment demands IT support for a wider range of monitoring, security, and compliance requirements. This creates significant burdens on network performance and network security as more appliances need access to incoming data.

See how better network visibility can help you:

  • Improve the security of your network
  • Decrease troubleshooting costs and time
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Product that helps is Enterprise Visibility

When selecting a visibility architecture, performance matters. Measure for yourself why Keysight are the industry leader in network packet broker performance.

  • Zero Packet Loss
    • If you had a choice between one processor and two, which would you pick? Keysight network packet brokers have four times higher performance because we use a high-performance FPGA to make sure you never drop a packet.
  • High availability
    • Will you still be protected if your security infrastructure suffers a temporary outage? Or be able to upgrade without service disruption? Make sure security and monitoring tools can recover from unexpected disruptions with the industry’s fastest failover.
  • Concurrent Features
    • You buy a full-featured network packet broker because of its rich feature set. You should ensure that you can run simultaneous features since some packet brokers do not allow that. Keysight network packet brokers give you the flexibility and choice to select and deploy the features you want and need.

Once you see what network visibility can do, you will discover lots of use cases where it can be applied. While not all solutions apply to every network, every enterprise should be able to find at least one.

Look at these general categories to see where visibility solutions can change business outcomes:

  • Improve network security
  • Provide cost reduction capabilities
  • Speed up troubleshooting efforts
  • Remove network blind spots
  • Optimise network performance
  • Strengthen regulatory compliance initiatives

Network Security

Security is never static. New threats are ever present, and misconfigurations can compromise your network in an instant. By safely simulating the entire kill chain on your production network, you can definitively measure your risk, expose gaps, and course-correct with step-by-step remediation’s.

A breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform built on 20+ years of leadership in threat intelligence and security testing, Keysight Threat Simulator makes it easy to continuously validate your defenses and optimise the effectiveness of your security operations (SecOps) team.

Network Test

Organisations today face a host of challenges that impact their ability to remain competitive in a world where the pace of change has accelerated exponentially. Their core goal, however, has not changed: to deliver high quality products and services with faster time to market. To achieve that, they look to automation to accelerate testing.

The solution to increasing equipment utilisation in the lab & network and accelerating functional validation & performance characterisation is to automate everything. The key to a long-lasting automation solution is to select the right tools, processes, and people that will define a solution that works for today but with the future in mind.

Check out Keysight’s Network Test Automation Solutions

How can Bluechip Infotech help you?

Bluechip Infotech is an authorised Keysight distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Our dedicated Keysight Team have years of experience with Partner qualifications, onboarding, Sales enablements, quoting, Keysight deal registrations as well as Technical enablements and Pre-Sales Support.

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Tap into our experienced product specialists and book a time to discuss your technological requirements. Let’s innovate the ever-so-changing world of technology together.

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