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Ways to partner with LastPass

Partners who design, sell, and implement
LastPass solutions for their end customers.

Partners who offer a managed service to their end customers which incorporates LastPass offerings.

Collaboration partners that build, promote and scale activities with LastPass to drive sales and usage of both parties’ solutions.

Grow your business while delivering best-in-class security

with the LastPass MSP Program.

The LastPass MSP Program provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) visibility and control over every access point of their customer’s business.

With its integrated single sign-on and password management solution, LastPass allows your company to generate incremental revenue while seamlessly managing your customers’ accounts in a single pane of glass.

With LastPass, your company can provide your customers the best-in-class solution to securely protect their passwords and manage access to applications.

In addition, your technicians will be able to provision seats and manage accounts from one central admin console.

LastPass MSP offers a tiered pricing model to all our MSP partners. This pricing model provides a lower cost and higher margin for your business as your grow in your LastPass deployment.

LastPass MSP is designed with your needs in mind. Managing clients and their LastPass accounts is easy with features including:

  • Monthly billing to ensure you’re charged only for the seats you’re using.
  • Flexibility to add or remove clients and seats all from your Admin Console.
  • Central dashboard where you can view clients’ accounts and security ratings.
  • Ability to assign clients’ Admin controls over their accounts.
  • Internal-use-licenses (IUL) to secure your MSP.
  • Integrations with Professional Services Automation (PSA) providers.

Reduce user friction without compromising security

Eliminate employee password reuse

Ensure employees practice great password hygiene with the integrated LastPass Password Generator.

Manage passwords from one place

Give every user their own personalized vault, while maintaining oversight with a robust admin dashboard.

Protect your sensitive data

Keep everyone’s credentials, notes, and info safe using LastPass’ zero-knowledge security model.

Share passwords simply and safely

Securely share credentials where employees and clients require access and organize shared credentials by Groups.

LastPass Families as a Benefit

Once an employee has claimed their LastPass Families account, they can link it to their business account. This makes getting started with Families both immediate and simple, as they’ll be able to manage both accounts within our app and browser extension. With Families as a Benefit, individual users and families can:

  • Grant 5 additional LastPass licenses to their family and friends
  • Store and protect their passwords across all devices
  • Create unlimited shared folders for easy family sharing
  • Improve and enforce password hygiene by using the security dashboard

Secure your workforce with proven security regardless of network, location or device.

By partnering with LastPass, your MSP will gain competitive margins while providing value to your customers.

LastPass helps you take the following critical steps to ensure online accounts are protected:

  • Give all your employees a tool to improve their passwords safely.
  • Identify and help change re-used passwords, so that the loss of one password won’t give the bad guys access to multiple accounts.
  • Keep all these complex passwords in an encrypted vault that nobody but you can access.
  • Provide dark web monitoring to alert an employee when a credential is at risk.
  • Offer you more insight and control into every login with 100+ security policies.

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