It’s been absolute mayhem since the onset of the pandemic, with the widespread adoption of remote work creating fertile ground for cyberattacks to grow in number. In a world where cybercriminals thrive on turmoil and uncertainty, it’s imperative for organisations to fight off adversaries without compromising on their systems.

It’s vital for organisations to build a robust security system and even more crucial to implement the right strategies that make up this security system. The revised Essential Eight Maturity Model, proposed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, has updated security strategies that provide guidance to safeguard organisations against various types of cyberintrusions. Various controls such as multi-factor authentication, patch applications, daily backups, and application whitelisting have been developed to cope with the ever-evolving cyberthreats in this digital world.

In this webinar, you’ll learn everything about the updated Essential Eight Maturity Model, its controls, and why it’s imperative to consider and implement in your organisation. Join us to understand how ManageEngine products can help enhance your security system by complying with the maturity levels of the Essential Eight model.