Progress Distributor | Bluechip Infotech Australia Distribution
Progress Distributor | Bluechip Infotech Australia Distribution

Progress develops leading software products that speed business app development, automate processes to configure, deploy and scale apps and make critical data more accessible and secure.

Why Bluechip and Progress Software ?

Progress develops leading software products for businesses.

Progress is dedicated to providing a “The Full Stack for Digital Experiences” – partner with Progress and Bluechip and gain not only access software that makes all data and files securely accessible and usable and software that monitors networks and devices but also our total commitment to exceptional customer service and our outstanding technical services.

Bluechip is the authorised distributor for  Progress in Australia and New Zealand.

Progress Product Portfolio

WhatsUp Gold

Use WhatsUp Gold Infrastructure Monitoring to Monitor Up/Down Status, Availability, and Performance At-a-Glance of your networks and devices. With WhatsUp Gold avoid downtime with a network monitoring tool that covers both on-premise and cloud environments.

Catch network issues using WhatsUp Gold before users report them and troubleshoot faster and smarter with an interactive topology map that shows connectivity and dependencies.

Read more about WhatsUp Gold Network Management and Monitoring Software.


Use MOVEit to reduce the risk of data loss and non-compliance with a fully-auditable and managed file transfer solution. Extend file transfer capabilities to all users to eliminate insecure use of email and quickly onboard partners and third-parties.

Easily create automated file transfer tasks and workflows to accelerate your business and eliminate the risk of user error. Track and report on every single transfer.

Read more about MOVEit, the Secure, Auditable, Automated, and Compliant File Transfer — On-Premise and In the Cloud.


Data Direct offers cloud and on-premises data connectivity solutions across Relational, NoSQL, Big Data and SaaS data sources. With Data Direct access Cloud and On-Premises Data to create Enterprise Data Hubs, to Securely Share Data and modernise Cloud and Application.

Data Direct offers Seamless Data Access for your preferred BI and Analytics Tools, is Plug and Play and Compliant with Industry Standards.

Chef DevOps

Chef Automation Software provides Continuous Delivery of Secure Applications and Infrastructure. Use Chef for Infrastructure management – ensure configurations are applied consistently and in every environment. Maintain compliance and prevent security incidents across the enterprise with Chef.

Deliver successful application outcomes with Chef consistently and at scale.

WS_FTP File Transfer

Progress WS_FTP products provides both an effective, highly manageable FTP server and the ability to provide each user a secure FTP client, assuring both reliability and security for data sharing processes. WS_FTP secure file transfer products use industry-leading security at every level of data management, protecting data before, during, after transit, and verifying that files reach intended destinations uncompromised.

With WS_FTP file transfer solutions, you have the power to automate important tasks and integrate transfer activities with existing workflows and applications.


Flowmon enables application and network visibility across datacenter, private or hybrid cloud environment, providing a holistic overview of the entire network, detailed insights for troubleshooting and maximum operational stability. The Proactive troubleshooting provided by Flowmon reduces the time required to understand the root cause of poor user experience with automated detection, quick triage, predictive insights, and relevant suggestions for remedial actions.

With Flowmon see the traffic structure, performance metrics and the topology of the whole infrastructure in one place. Every widget is configurable and customisable to reflect the particular characteristics of the digital estate.

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