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Upcoming Training, Insights, Webinars, Workshops and resources within Splunk community in order to keep our Splunkers active.
Security Workshops

Learn to protect your business with advanced analytics, automated operations and end-to-end integrations.

IT Workshops

Learn to optimise performance with full stack visibility, predictive intelligence and automated remediation.

Keep Safe and Keep Learning

We recognise that the current COVID situation is having a significant impact with many of our Partners scheduled activities.

In order to help with ensuring available time can be used effectively, Splunk & Bluechip Infotech have collaborated closely to build this landing page to share the following Training, Insights, Webinars, Workshops and resources with our community in order to keep our Splunkers active.

We are conscious of the increase in emails people receive over this period and want to limit our communications where possible so we highly recommend bookmarking this page & returning frequently to find out what’s new as we will continue to update this page with new content as it becomes available.

Splunk’s Upcoming Events, Webinars, Training Sessions and more…

Splunk Accelerate!

Discover how you can accelerate your Splunk sales by demonstrating the value of machine data to your customers. Learn about the leading Splunk use cases and how to leverage the data from your core technology vendors to add even more value to your customers.

Understand how Bluechip’s team, programs and tools for marketing, sales, presales and services will help you to be successful in selling Splunk.

Watch the on-demand video to learn about;

  • Splunk core messaging, products and use cases
  • Enablement and training for successful selling
  • How to work opportunities, register and protect deals

Fundamentals of Root Cause Analysis

With the right toolset like uberAgent and Splunk, you can perform stronger security analytics, and drive better outcomes for root cause analysis in End-user experience, application performance and Citrix monitoring.

Watch the recording to learn how to;

  • Monitor employee login times, application usage and web activities
  • Troubleshoot network issues such as latency and bandwidth
  • Provide more insights for your helpdesk to help troubleshoot common complaints including slow logins, applications crashing and Citrix performance
  • Spot bottlenecks and plan for optimised resource utilisation

How can Bluechip Infotech help you?

Bluechip Infotech is an authorised Splunk distributor in Australia and New Zealand and the Official Splunk authorised Learning Partner for APAC region.

Our dedicated Splunk Team have years of experience with Partner qualifications, onboarding, Sales enablements, quoting, Splunk deal registrations as well as Technical enablements, Pre-Sales Support, creating training plans and delivering packaged professional services.

Keep Safe and Keep Going

Partner Pre Sales and Technical Resources Quick Reference

We’ve worked with Splunk locally to provide a list of the most important and relevant resources available to partners – summarised below. Once you’ve exhausted the resources below we recommend you explore Partner Portal and take this opportunity to explore and discover even more.

Free Partner Online Courses

As a Splunk Partner you have access via the Partner Portal to an extensive portfolio of free and self paced courses. Recommended for New and existing Splunk Partners – both sales and technical.

Certification and Accreditation Tracks

Splunk Partners have access to the free Sales Reps & Sales Engineer accreditation with a wide range of self paced short punchy courses available. There are also labs available for Partners who are looking at the Professional Services accreditation. Simply login to the partner portal and learn!


Additional Sessions & Resources

Splunk Partners have access to far more enablement resources to take advantage of including but not limited to the following.

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