Let The Platform Do The Work
Named as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, SugarCRM helps businesses everywhere provide the most outstanding experiences in the world. It builds a world where sales, marketing, and services are fully freed to focus on people instead of processes.
See your Customers in
When you can see in HD, you aren’t limited to pixelated views of your customers.
Get the clarity you need to delight customers in every interaction.

The Next Frontier in Customer Experience

With more than 2 million users, 200 partners in over 120 countries worldwide, SugarCRM works to bring the world’s no-touch, time-aware CX platform to the market and through our partners who transform the solution to meet the unique needs of customers.

See Your Customers in High-Definition

About SugarCRM

SugarCRM’s time-aware sales, marketing and service software helps companies deliver a high-definition (HD-CX) customer experience.

For mid-market companies and anyone that wants a CX-driven platform, Sugar gives teams the time-aware customer data they need to achieve a clear view of the customer and reach new levels of business performance and predictability and increase customer lifetime value.

More than 4,500 companies in over 120 countries rely on SugarCRM. Based in Silicon Valley, SugarCRM is backed by Accel-KKR.

Our Portfolio



Sales Automation

Sugar Sell is one of the world’s most intuitive and collaborative CRM. It is also lean, fast and integrates with anything. Close deals with ease using Sugar Sell. Track and monitor activities, map each customer’s journey, and automate as many workflows as you need to.


Marketing Automation

Target accounts based on likeliness to convert, and personalize each outreach with Sugar Market. Highly intuitive campaign builders, AI-based predictions, and superior reporting enable you to understand engagement, improve conversion, and drive more revenue.


Customer Service

Get customer satisfaction levels back on track with intuitive reporting and dashboards. Ensure proper response and resolution times, monitor customer satisfaction and meeting their needs across the full range of support channels.

Why Bluechip and SugarCRM?

Sole distribution partner of SugarCRM full suite of core products in Australia. Consultancy support for both pre-sales and post-sales engagement.


Why SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is the customer experience platform provider.
Makes all the hard things easier, for marketing, sales and service.
Award-winning and leading CRM provider from Software Reviews, Nucleus Research.
Leading CRM provider from G2’s Mid-Market Grid Report.
Dedicated vendor support, comprehensive sales training to equip sellers for revenue and growth

Why Partner with SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is #1 where it counts

Choosing the right vendor to work with matters because it can have a big impact on your business growth.

You can trust the extensive capabilities of Sugar to create the perfect solution that your customers need to reach new levels of business performance, predictability, revenue opportunity identification, as well as driving efficiencies.

Continuous Cloud Innovation

Working with the vendor with huge magnitude to grow is paramount as your business expands and business opportunities abound.

Sugar builds our solution on one of the most advanced and global cloud technology available, AWS, that sets the pace for new and emerging technologies for customers around the world. We focus on bringing innovation to you and your customers so that you can do what you do best – without the hefty costs.

Lifetime Commitment to Customers, and you

Collaborating with the vendor who provides the support you need can make a difference in how you deliver solutions to your customers.

For Sugar, creating customers for life is both a continuous product objective and also a solemn business commitment. You can count on the network and resources you need to grow and scale your business.

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