usecure delivers cyber security awareness as a service

Vendor Watch – usecure delivers cyber security awareness as a service

Humans are your strongest line of defence, but security awareness training alone won’t transform user behaviour. Human Risk Management (HRM) is the one-stop solution for building a security-savvy workforce. Central to this, is to identify each user’s security knowledge gaps and automate training programs to close these gaps.

usecure, a Human Risk Management platform designed for MSPs. usecure is a comprehensive platform for delivering cyber security awareness as a managed service, with full automation and white labelling capability.
Traditional security awareness training is built on the idea that humans are the weakest link in the cyber security chain. Unfortunately, irregular, unengaging and generic training is mistakenly seen as a quick fix.
usecure believes that humans can be the strongest line of defence against evolving cyber threats. They just need the right tools to protect their organisation.
That’s why usecure has built a one-stop solution for empowering businesses to measure, mitigate and monitor their human cyber risk, without having to sacrifice productivity.
usecure is built on four key modules:

• Phishing Simulation (uPhish) – complete with templates for a range of NZ organisations, zero installation and simple configuration. Setting up usecure is an absolute breeze. Once you’re in, simply upload your users via integration or CSV, then you’re ready to start phishing!
• Security Awareness Training (uLearn) – a complete Learning Management System in its own right. Schedule individual and automated training programmes with micro sessions, either as a follow on to Phishing Simulation’s results or as standalone training. Using a short gap analysis questionnaire, usecure identifies each users’ weakest areas of security, gathering results into their unique risk profile.
• Dark Web Monitoring (uBreach) – uBreach conducts an in-depth search through data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums for all your registered users. It reports back on which email accounts have been compromised, what data is out there, and which breach they were found in.
• Policy Management (uPolicy) – Company Policy Management as a service, complete with a range of Policy Document templates. Store and amend documents in one centralised location, making it easy to find, send and revise different policies. Plus, create policies from scratch using an in-software editor tool with version control.

Each MSP partner has their own tenancy in the cloud-based platform. There are sub-tenancies for each of their customers. There is no need for end-users to have to “log-in” to the platform, although you can provide your customers with Admin access to their environment if you wish. Onboarding is a breeze – either add users manually, via a CSV upload file or direct integration with their MS365 account.

usecure is the perfect platform for managed service providers delivering:

  1. Monthly billing on a per user per month model (pupm), with attractive pricing.
  2. No minimum order.
  3. No minimum term.
  4. Real-time support – delivering an average response time under 30 seconds.
  5. A single white labelled product, under one SKU.
  6. An API driven, multi-tenant platform – great for integration.
  7. Free NFR – MSP partners get a free not-for-resale (NFR) license for the lifetime of the agreement.
  8. Automated tooling for ease of ongoing management.
  9. Lightning-fast deployment, simplified through automation.
  10. Automated continuous training.

Most importantly win new business with the usecure Human Risk Report (HRR) prospecting tool.

Rather than wasting time explaining to your clients why their employees could be vulnerable to cyber-threats, HRR accelerates the sales cycle. This tool demonstrates your prospect’s current human risk in a simple understandable way, then outlines how you as their MSP can reduce their risk.

Start prospecting new business for free with a usecure lifetime NFR license.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, would like a demonstration or claim your Free NFR for this solution.

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