Flexible solutions for modern team collaborations

Unified communication and collaboration platform

Make meaningful connections with meetings, team chat, whiteboard, phone, and more in one offering.

Choose a business model that suits your needs.

Because learning happens everywhere

Design remote and hybrid learning environments, empower teachers and students, and create more equitable educational opportunities.

Connect everyone in your health organisation

Communicate across the continuum of care, meet patients where they are, and enable an agile, connected workforce.

Trusted solutions for the finance sector

Secure communications and collaboration technology designed for a complex regulatory landscape.

Real communication, anywhere in the world

Reliably connect global staff, designers, factories, supply chains, and more to keep production moving.

Communications for the people

Improve access and information sharing, build stronger relationships,
and better serve your constituents.

Bridging the in-store and online experiences

Use video to reimagine
e-commerce and unlock new revenue opportunities.

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