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ManageEngine Distributor | Bluechip Infotech Australia Distribution
ManageEngine Distributor | Bluechip Infotech Australia Distribution

ManageEngine develops comprehensive IT management software with a focus on making your job easier.
ManageEngine’s 120+ award-winning products and free tools cover everything IT needs. From network and device management to security and service desk software, ManageEngine together with Master Australian Distributor Bluechip are bringing IT together for an integrated, overarching approach to optimise IT.

Why Bluechip and ManageEngine ?

ManageEngine is committed to making the job of IT professionals easier.

Partner with ManageEngine and Australian Master Distributor Bluechip and gain not only access to award winning software that helps make your job easier but also our total commitment to exceptional customer service and our outstanding technical services.

Bluechip is the Authorised Master Distributor for the complete range of ManageEngine products and Solutions throughout Australia.

ManageEngine Product Portfolio

ManageEngine Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) solutions from ManageEngine help securely manage the digital identities of users. ManageEngine IAM encompasses three key components: identification, authentication, and authorisation.

Restricting access to business-critical resources and ensuring data protection can help IT admins track privileged access abuse.

ManageEngine IAM solutions protect the organisation against security incidents by setting parameters in the system to detect anomalous activities that otherwise go undetected. These IAM security features help with building an effective security infrastructure.

ManageEngine Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management

Delivering best-practice service management has every bit to do with leveraging the right technology as with designing the appropriate processes.

Strike the right balance, and the benefits that follow include responsive service delivery, a flawless customer experience, streamlined service management, smart automation, and compliance with privacy regulations.

With over a decade of experience in the IT and customer support management space, ManageEngine understand the requirements of various businesses and offer multiple service management solutions built around industry best practices. ManageEngine solutions empower your organisation to provide a top-notch customer experience out of the box.

ManageEngine Unified EndPoint Management and Security

Unified EndPoint Management and Security

From onboarding employees and deploying OSs and applications to managing and troubleshooting corporate and personal devices, organisations are expected to fulfill the needs of their diverse workforce. ManageEngine UEMS solution provides end-to-end integration of device management and endpoint security. This increases workforce productivity without compromising data security.

Attackers are constantly on the lookout for entry points into enterprise networks. One unauthorised device, unmonitored browser, malicious application, or misconfiguration is often all it takes to bring down an entire network. Keeping track of such loopholes on the ever-increasing number of endpoints that constitute your network is impossible manually and calls for a ManageEngine UEMS solution.

ManageEngine Security Information and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management

Every organisation has a multitude of network devices that work together to facilitate everyday business operations. For an attacker, all it takes is one security loophole in any of these endpoints to bring business operations to a halt. With so many devices operating simultaneously, it is difficult to figure out exactly where you are vulnerable. These devices do generate security data for every event, but the sheer volume of data makes it difficult to focus on the key indicators of an attack.

A ManageEngine SIEM solution protects your enterprise network from cyberattacks and insider threats. ManageEngine SIEM solutions collect and analyse the security data generated by your devices in real time, alerting you in time about vulnerabilities, indicators of compromise, or any suspicious activity.

ManageEngine IT Operations & Management

IT Operations & Management

If IT is the heart of a business, then it is safe to say that IT operations is the backbone, for it determines the stability of the business.

In the high-stakes world of IT ManageEngine IT Operations and Management provide you proper management of all infrastructure elements to allow you to stay ahead of the game.

With that said, mere management would not suffice, for the real challenge lies in correlating performance data of IT operations across all business verticals.

This is where IT operations management tools from ManageEngine come into the picture.

ManageEngine Advanced IT Analytics

Advanced IT Analytics

Today’s enterprises deploy a wide range of monitoring and management applications to handle various IT functions: front-end help desk management, infrastructure monitoring, cybersecurity, project management, and Active Directory management. Each of these applications can generate gigabytes of data every day.

ManageEngine analytics solutions enable customers to unearth valuable insight from diverse IT data. ManageEngine analytics solutions combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to screen IT data for patterns and apply them to existing problems.

ManageEngine analytics provide predictive insight not just for proactive infrastructure maintenance but to foresee opportunities and warn of problems in advance.

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