Turn Data Into Doing
Splunk enables customers to modernise their security operations, delivering a stronger, unified security posture across the hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

With Splunk, customers have a real-time view of the health and performance of all layers of their technology stack - from underlying infrastructure to end user applications.


Protect your business with advanced analytics, automated operations and end-to-end integrations.


Optimise performance with full stack visibility, predictive intelligence and automated remediation.

Bluechip and Splunk – Why Partner with us?

Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform. Now organisations no longer need to worry about where their data is coming from, and they are free to focus on the business outcomes that data can deliver.

Innovators in IT, Security, IoT and business operations can now get a complete view of their business in real time, turn data into business outcomes, and embrace technologies that prepare them for a data-driven future – Partner with Splunk and Bluechip Infotech and gain not only access to markets leading Data-to-Everything Platform but also our total commitment to exceptional customer service and our outstanding technical services.

Bluechip Infotech is an authorised Splunk distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

What makes Splunk Different?

Splunk develops software that captures, indexes and correlates real-time data from IT systems to search, locate, alarm and report on data that may traverse each of these platforms – and all from one interface. 92 of the Fortune 100 companies rely on Splunk to unlock innovation, improve security and drive resilience.

  • Extensible Data Platform
  • Integrated Observability and Security
  • End-to-end Data Coverage
  • World-Leading Investigation
  • Rapid Time-to-Action

Splunk’s extensible data platform powers unified security, full-stack observability and limitless custom applications.

Key Features

  1. Security
    • Protect your business with advanced analytics, automated operations and end-to-end integrations
  2. Observability
    • Optimise performance with full stack visibility, predictive intelligence and automated remediation
  3. Platform
    • Support nearly limitless use cases with expansive data access, pervasive AI/ML and orchestration
  4. Splunkbase
    • Extend the power of Splunk with apps for nearly any data source and user need

End-to-End Data Coverage

Splunk is data source agnostic, covering your entire technology landscape — multicloud, hybrid, and edge. Splunk ingests metrics, logs and traces with full fidelity, providing you end-to-end contextual visibility. Spend less time stitching data together and more time acting on it.

Rapid time-to-action

Translating insight into action at scale is easy with Splunk’s built-in automation and orchestration capabilities enhanced by AI/ML. You can minimise manual heavy lifting, simplify workstreams and efficiently scale operations to respond at machine speed.

Extensible Data Platform

Splunk provides a flexible and scalable platform that supports an expansive set of use cases. You can leverage Splunk-built search and reporting, security and observability solutions, the 2,400+ apps available on Splunkbase, and build custom applications tuned to your specific needs.

Drive Outcomes

82% Reduced downtime
70% Lower risk of data breach, IP theft and fraud
50% Faster time to market for new apps

Splunk Data-Driven Security for the Modern SOC

Modernise your security operations with a best-in-class data platform advanced analytics and automated response.

Security Analytics/SIEM

Use pre-built frameworks, workflows and dashboards to gain full visibility into your data and make analytics-driven security decisions.

Automation and Orchestration

Supercharge your security operations center (SOC) with advanced orchestration, automation and response capabilities.

Security Incident Response

Gain contextual awareness of threat activity, accelerate investigations and respond with automated workflows.

Unified Security Operations

Detect, manage, investigate, hunt, contain and remediate threats all from a unified security operations platform.

Intelligence Management

Automate the orchestration and integration of intelligence across all stages of security operations.

Investigation and Forensics

Analyse and confirm high-priority events to determine root cause and impact.

How can Bluechip Infotech help you?

Bluechip Infotech is an authorised Splunk distributor in Australia and New Zealand and the Official Splunk authorised Learning Partner for APAC region.

Our dedicated Splunk Team have years of experience with Partner qualifications, onboarding, Sales enablements, quoting, Splunk deal registrations as well as Technical enablements, Pre-Sales Support, creating training plans and delivering packaged professional services.

Why Splunk for Observability?

A single cloud platform to observe all your data to instantly understand and optimise modern infrastructure and applications.

Benefit from full-stack observability

Real-time visibility into your full stack allowed namely to accelerate product development and trust the changes they’re continuously making to improve system performance.

  • Increase developer productivity
    • Automated observability means less time trouble shooting and more time shipping quality code
  • Create better user experiences
    • Maintain high application availability with instant feedback into the behavior of critical business systems
  • Reduce operational uncertainty
    • Eliminate blind spots and confidently scale in the cloud with no operational surprises

Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring allows you to avoid downtime and monitor and troubleshoot across your infrastructure — physical, virtual, or in the cloud at any scale, all in real-time. Connect the health and performance of your infrastructure with application and logs in context.

Application Performance Monitoring

Splunk APM is the only solution with real-time, full-fidelity tracing that allows you to analyse and alert on all trace data to maximise application performance and accelerate innovation.

Log Investigation

Purpose-built for DevOps users and use cases, Log Observer brings the power of Splunk logging to SREs, DevOps engineers and developers that need troubleshooting-oriented logging experience.

Streamlined Incident Response

Improve the on-call experience and reduce mean-time-to-acknowledgement with mobile-first, automated incident response.